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Bathroom Windows

Most bathrooms are considered to be limited in space. For this reason bathrooms benefit greatly from having a well-placed and creatively designed window system. Windows make the space appear more open and less restricted. They also let the natural light and warmth of the sun stream in.

Bathrooms windows are no longer limited to small, opaque vents installed high on the wall. Recent designs incorporate large, open window spaces that allow nature to pour into the room. For example, if you have a Jacuzzi style tub installed in your bathroom, it is very common to have custom designed bay windows strategically placed in the room to enhance the experience.

There are several creative ways to work windows into your bathroom layout. Below are some helpful tips for letting the natural light from the sun into your bathroom.

  1. Take your Lifestyle into Consideration
    Gone are the days where bathrooms were used only for practical uses. Today’s bathrooms include work out areas, soothing spa experiences and even home entertainment systems. Windows can be used to enhance all of these different bathroom floor plans. Exercise areas, in particular, can benefit from a number of venting windows that allow for plenty of fresh air to circulate around. If you are remodeling your bathroom to include a spa area then ventilation is also important. Consider installing a high bank of awning windows that can be electronically operated.
  2. Select a Harmonizing Window Style
    Not just any window will look good in your bathroom. It is important to look at the overall all picture. Be sure to take the size of your bathroom into consideration, as well as the floor layout. For example, if you're remodeling a smaller bathroom or guest bath, you want to compliment the size of the room. A good way to do this is to install an accent window in an angular shape (oval or octagon) or perhaps an arch over a double-hung window. Furthermore, garden windows help add more dimension to a smaller bathroom.
    The floor layout is also important. For example, you will want to avoid placing windows where direct sunlight will strike the main mirror that you use to get ready with. Also, natural light has an effect on the interior colors you choose as well. Southern and western light may cause bright interior colors to appear too extreme, whereas eastern and northern sunlight may make cooler colors appear dreary.
  3. Privacy Solutions
    Let us not forget that bathrooms need a certain amount of privacy. You wouldn’t want just anyone seeing into your bathroom window when you think that you are alone. Luckily, there are several creative ways of achieving privacy within your bathroom design. Privacy solutions include all sorts of blinds, shutters and interior and exterior screen systems in various materials, colors and styles, as well as different obscure glass patterns to choose from.
  4. Skylights and Roof-Windows
    The more natural light let into the bathroom, the better. Skylights and roof-windows provide light and ventilation in a unique fashion. Skylights offer the opportunity to let in a great amount of natural light in a small area without the need to add privacy. However, many homeowners become concerned with leakage problems when skylight windows are involved. Fortunately, leakage is usually the result of poor installation as opposed to any deficiency in the product.
  5. Energy Efficiency
    Energy efficient windows are major concerns in bathrooms, especially if larger windows are used. You want to create a comfortable atmosphere within your bathroom as well as save yourself some money on your energy bills. It is becoming increasingly popular to use higher efficiency glass that incorporates low-E2 glass and argon. Additionally, "Warm-Edge Technology" is another enjoyed energy efficient solution that is being introduced by different manufacturers of dual pane windows.
  6. Proper Installation and Warranty
    With any window remodeling project, it is in your best interest to start with a quality product and have it professionally installed by a qualified licensed contractor. Windows will cause numerous problems if they are not installed properly so be sure to hire someone who knows what they are doing. Lastly, make sure that the contractor offers an extended product and labor warranty as well.

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